The Department of Law was established in 2012, as a result of the abolition of the previously existing Faculties carried out by the reform of the Italian University System.
The Department takes over the tasks formerly entrusted to the Faculty of Law.
The main office is located in the historic via Balbi 5: the Jesuit College hosting the seat of the Department was founded in 1775 in the monumental building which was realized between 1634 and 1636 by the architect Bartolomeo Bianco.
Further locations (classrooms and offices) are situated in the “Albergo dei Poveri"

Legal address: Via Balbi 5 - 16126 Genova

Operating locations:  Via Balbi, 22

16126 Genova Via Balbi, 30 - 16126 Genova

Via Vivaldi, 5 - 16126 Genova GE

Director: prof. Riccardo Ferrante

Deputy director: prof.ssa Paola Ivaldi

Administrative secretary: dott. Gianluca Merialdo

Managers: Mr Maurizio Arduini (general accounting); Mr Filippo Pessino (didactics); Ms Sonia Vaccarino (research); Ms Eliana Rocco (IT technician)