Just arrived! Where should I start? OK, this is a give away! You should start with your codice fiscale (Italian fiscal code)
What documents should I get? Can you help? I currently require health care. Can you help?
Need a place to stay? What type of rental contract should I sign? Can I get access to the web at home?
Want to learn your language. Where and how can I start in a course of Italian language?
What should I expect from my learning experience in Genoa?
Who are my Faculty tutors?
I need Internet access, right here, right now!
What do we do?
Information (via e-mail or phone);
Help with codice fiscale and permesso di soggiorno (residence permit);
Health advice (in cooperation with the Medical School);
Accommodation support (in cooperation with selected real estate agencies and private owners);
Assistance in securing an Internet connection;
Free access to the net and to a printer in our office;
Support with Questura (Immigration) and consular documents;
Contact with student associations.

You can drop in without any appointment, Monday to Thursday 9.30 - 13; 14.30-17.00;

We are available for emergencies anytime, even on Sundays.

Via Balbi 22
6TH Floor
16126 Genova
tel. +3901020951349
fax +3901020951355

Dott.ssa Donatella Morello

Sig. Carlo Rocca