Applications are now being accepted to take part in the fifth edition of the EULoS summer school, to be held in Genoa from 26 August to 6 September.
The summer school is part of the activities of the Jean Monnet Chair in International and European Law of the Sea of which Prof. Lorenzo Schiano di Pepe is the holder.
Activities will include traditional ex cathedra lectures, a public workshop, a visit to the Italian Navy's Hydrographic Institute and group works.
Lectures will be delivered by Italian and foreign academics, international civil servants and professionals.
Please visit to know more. An online application form is available.
A small fee is charged, with a reduced rate still applicable until 14 June 2019. The admission process will close on 2 August 2019 until all seats are assigned earlier.
Applicants from low-income countries or middle-lower-income countries may be eligible for a fee-waiver position. Full details are available on the dedicated website.
In addition, students enrolled in the University of Genoa can apply to be a EULoS tutor: two positions are available and those who are selected will be allowed to participate on a fee-waiver basis in exchange for some tutoring activities. To know more please visit (deadline: 14 June 2019).
Do not hesitate to get in touch to know more (emails should be sent to:!