Ricerca - Erasmus + Strategic partnership project - Development of Mediation Network in Civil and Criminal Cases to foster European Wide Settlements of Disputes

In September 2014 Università degli Studi di Genova - Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza, in cooperation with 3 partner Universities – Turiba University (LV), Vilnius University (LT) and Tallinn Technical University (EE), started the implementation of the following Erasmus Strategic Partnership project:

Erasmus + Project

Mediation or assisted negotiation is an effective and interdisciplinary dispute resolution method that involves expertise on law, entrepreneurship, administration and psychology. In continental Europe the Alternative Dispute Resolution tradition is not as strong as it is in other regions and countries such as North America and the UK where it has been developing for decades. Therefore, in order to encourage European Union Member States to introduce these methods, the Directive 2008/52/EC on certain aspects of mediation in civil and commercial cases was issued. Mediation is established as an instrument to facilitate consumer’s access to justice, and efficient dispute settlement on small claims.
The EU Directive 2008/52/EC required all EU countries to introduce laws about mediation, as well as the ways to align mediation with more traditional legal procedures such as arbitration or judicial processes. The most difficult task awaits Members States. Legislative development is not as slow as cultural and informal institutional change. The society’s understanding about alternative methods of dispute resolution differs from country to country, as well as the trust that is placed in them. It is a turning point for businesses and consumers, as well as for legal professionals to prepare and develop these services with skills and competence in all areas it requires. This is a crucial challenge for higher education institutions that need to instruct students in all fields about the benefits of integrative, participatory and associative interaction for the prevention of disputes and the equivalent approach when disputes arise. The benefits of mediation can translate into gains for the whole society.
During the IP project “Mediation in Civil and Criminal cases to Foster European Wide Settlements of Disputs” (2013 – 2014), the partner universities came to the conclusion that the students in EU countries and governmental and non-governmental organizations working in judicial sector lack up to date academic materials, a comprehensive text on mediation and need better suited practical training programs. Therefore, the project team gathered information on the needs of the stakeholders this project seeks to address.
This project values and maintains a close and collaborative multinational network of academics that can continues to prepare teaching materials for (ADR?) and mediation studies and to organize a mediation course for students where the materials will be used, and improved based on the results and the feedback that the participants may provide. An electronic book one mediation will be drafted in cooperation between the partner universities and will be publically available by the end of 2016 when it is expected to reach the widest possible audience in the EU and outside.

This project is concerned directly with addressing first the needs of four groups: students of law, international business, political sciences, international organizations and psychology; governmental organizations and institutions working with disputes and administration of justice; NGOs protecting amicable settlement of disputes; and, academics teaching conflict resolution, alternative dispute resolution methods and mediation in particular.

In the participating countries mediation represents a new and fast developing practice. Only a few studies have been conducted in the field, which means that solid materials for teaching and studying mediation are welcome.

The project is implemented by the support of Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Programmes’ project. Project Number: 2014-1-LV01-KA203-000506. Duration of the project: 2 years.

Contact person for Università degli Studi di Genova:
Assistant Professor of International Law
Dr. Francesco Pesce
E-mail: Francesco.Pesce@unige.it

Turiba University Project academic Manager:
Lecturer at Turiba University
Dana Rone
E-mail: dana.rone@latnet.lv

Project Administrator:
Kristīne Tihanova
Telephone: +371 67625371
E-mail: kristine.tihanova@turiba.lv

Web site: http://mediation.turiba.lv/

Conference Cross-Border Developments of Mediation to Foster European Wide Settlement of Disputes
Place: Graudu street 68 Organiser: Turiba University
Riga, Latvia
Building C, room 321 Language: English
28 April 2016

Conference program - file .pdf
Registration form - file .doc

Online streaming will be possible to watch in project webpage http://mediation.turiba.lv on 28.04.2016. from 10:00.

In August 2016 four partner Universities – Turiba University (Latvia), Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia), University of Genoa (Italy) and Vilnius University (Lithuania) – successfully finalised Erasmus+ Strategic partnership project “Development of Mediation Network in Civil and Criminal Cases to foster European Wide Settlements of Disputes”.
During this project partners developed E-Book on mediation, self-study materials, video lectures and other teaching materials which can be downloaded on http://mediation.turiba.lv E-Book on mediation is unique collection of articles created by 10 different authors from partner Universities. It consists of broad spectrum of articles in law, culture and psychology. In addition to the articles published in the book, authors have also elaborated supplementary materials – either Power Point presentations or distributive materials for the students, as well as self-evaluation questions. Printed version of the Book is available in libraries al all partner Universities. E-Book is also published by Italian publisher Aracne:http://www.aracneeditrice.it Project partners also implemented Intensive study course on mediation for University students and organised International Conference on mediation in Riga. All materials from Conference – video records and presentations can be found on the project website. Project partners created network of mediation experts and lecturers. You are welcome to join our network!

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