Seminario - Pronatalism and Reproductive (In)justice in Turkey

Dove e quando

Aula della Meridiana, via Balbi 5, 2nd floor, Genoa

Wednesday 16th november, 17:00 - 19:00

In more recent years Turkey has returned to its pronatalist roots. The rise of pronatalism and antigender forces in Turkey have led to an insistence on “women being women” and this has become narrowly defined as motherhood and the insistance of women continuing in largely traditional roles. This is seen in a restriction of reproductive health services ranging from access to family planning services, birth control, emergency contraception and abortion care.

Keynote Speech: Mary Lou O’Neal, Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey. (30’)

Chairperson: Carla Maria Reale, University of Genoa

Participants to the discussion:
Emanuela Abbatecola, University of Genoa
Giulia Arena, University of Genoa
Matteo Botto, University of Genoa
Isabel Fanlo Cortés, University of Genoa
Arianna Pitino, University of Genoa
Mariella Popolla, University of Genoa
Susanna Pozzolo, University of Brescia
Laura Scudieri, University of Genoa
Luisa Stagi, University of Genoa

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