2016/04/22 - Seminario - Oxford – Girona – Genoa Seminar in Legal Theory

Dove e quando

2016-04-22 | Aula della Meridiana, Palazzo dell'Università, Via Balbi 5, Genova

The University of Genoa is honoured to host the new edition of the Oxford-Genoa-Girona Seminar in Legal Theory on April 22, 2016. This year’s topic of the seminar is Judicial Decision-Making and Judicial Law-Making. The speakers shall be Timothy Endicott and Stephen Dimelow for the University of Oxford, Diego Papayannis and Pablo A. Rapetti for the University of Girona, and Riccardo Guastini and Maria Cristina Redondo for the University of Genoa.


Prof. Ratti

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